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17 Jun

Summer Picks

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It may not officially be summer yet, but summer days are fast approaching! Get a head start on the season with our summer picks! 

Take advantage of the beautiful weather and check out what we've got in our garden center! Some of our favorite plants to decorate your home with during the warmer months are hanging baskets and patio pots filled with assorted annuals. Stop by the garden center to pick them out for yourself, or order them online (HERE and HERE) to have them delivered locally!

And don't forget about cut flowers! We have a large selection of blooms coming in from Holland, Canada, and South America on a daily basis. Make sure you stop by this season to see the different varieties of our summer blooms for yourself! Our picks for the summer months are the lush Coastal Garden Mix (available seasonally only as long as peony season lasts, usually through June, so get it while you can!), and the patriotic Summer Picnic Mix, an assortment of flowers in red, white, and blue tones that would make a great addition to any summer party or barbecue! These flowers are available to purchase on our website (HERE and HERE), and can also be ordered at the shop or over the phone. 

We also have plenty of indoor and outdoor decor items to adorn your home with for the summer months! Stop by the flower shop to take a look at the wreaths, garlands, pots, vases, statues, and more that we have in stock. Our nautical inventory is especially summery -- if you've been searching for something that reflects the shoreline, look no further than our collection of modern anchors, shells, pelicans, starfish, rope, and other coastal items. If you don't see what you're looking for, perhaps we can make something for you. Pictured above is a wooden anchor embellished with a custom-designed, hand-made live garland. Stop by the shop or give us a call to find out more about our custom designs!

In addition to our summer picks, we have a wide variety of plants (indoor and outdoor), flowers, home decor items, and we carry mulch, soils, fertilizers, and other gardening supplies. We also offer landscaping services! Give us a call, stop by, or browse the rest of our website to learn more. 

20 May

Know Who You're Buying From

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As a local florist in Madison, Connecticut, it has come to our attention that many people who search for flower shops on the internet are being misled by search engine ads. We find that many times a customer believes they are placing an order with us, when in reality they’re purchasing flowers through a global clearing house. A Google search for “Madison CT florist” yields many results, the first of which is an ad for flowerdeliveryexpress.com -- a floral clearing house that is not your local florist. While it may seem like this is the website of a florist located in Madison, Connecticut, their “About Us” page shows that they are located in Michigan. Clearing houses like flowerdeliveryexpress.com are usually some of the first results when searching for a florist anywhere in the country. If you’re looking for a local florist, keep in mind that ads usually come up first -- scroll past them to see the actual results of your search, make sure the florist you choose has an actual address in the town you're trying to send flowers to, and take advantage of everything search engines have to offer (read ratings and reviews of different florists, check out their websites and social media pages) to make an informed decision of who you would like to do business with. At Madison Flower Shop, we always recommend working with local florists over services like Flower Delivery Express, FTD and Teleflora, which are inconsistent at best. Of course, ordering flowers from an unknown florist is always a bit of a gamble, but we've found that with a local florist, you're much more likely to get a good value and quality flowers than if you were to place your order with FTD and the like. 

29 Apr

Mother's Day Gifts From Madison Flower Shop

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Mother's Day is May 10 -- it's time to start thinking about what to get for Mom!

Cut flowers are by far the most popular Mother's Day gift. The Happy Mother's Day mix (pictured above) is an assortment we've created especially for the holiday, but any combination of spring flowers will be sure to put a smile on Mom's face! If your mom likes to design flowers herself, we recommend sending her a Bucket of Blooms straight from the workbench (order HERE)! Stop by or call to place an order for pick-up or delivery on Mother's Day Weekend. Just be sure to order ahead of time -- Mother's Day is the busiest weekend of the year at the flower shop, and we probably won't have time to make things up while you wait.

Flowering plants are also a popular gift option for Mother's Day. There are so many beautiful blooming plants to choose from in early May that picking out a plant can be a difficult decision. We suggest a nice hanging basket, or a patio pot filled with assorted annuals. We have patio pots and hanging baskets available to order online HERE and HERE. If you're looking for something more specific, anyone in our garden center will be glad to assist you. Trees, shrubs, and garden décor are all great gift options available from the garden center, and we've also got a nice selection of indoor plants, terrariums, and dish gardens in the greenhouse -- all of which can be delivered locally.

If you want to let Mom pick out exactly what she wants, we've got gift certificates available to purchase. Gift certificates are available at any value, and can by purchased in the store or over the phone (we're happy to deliver or mail a gift card if you/the recipient aren't local). And when in doubt, you can't go wrong with a box of locally-made Munson's Chocolates!

16 Apr

Prom Flowers 101

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Prom day is often one of the busiest days of the year here at Madison Flower Shop -- every year we get hundreds of orders for boutonnieres, corsages, and prom bouquets, and we sometimes find that the students placing the orders are confused or stressed out about the flower situation. Here are some friendly tips to help you get through the prom flower process as easily and painlessly as possible!

1. Corsage or boutonniere? These aren't exactly words we use on a daily basis (unless you work in a flower shop!) so we understand it can be a bit confusing. Boutonnieres are the single flower that the boy wears on his lapel. Our boutonnieres come with a single flower of your choice (typically a rose, although freesia, calla lilies, or orchids can also be used) wired together with a piece of greens (we'll also include some baby's breath, if you ask for it). The boutonniere is held together with sleek black floral tape, and doesn't have the option for a ribbon color. Boutonnieres cost $10 if it's made from a rose, or $15 dollars if it contains a different variety of flower. 

The corsage is what the girl wears on her wrist. It's typically made up of five spray rose heads (or fewer, if we use standard roses), but can also be made out of other flower varieties (orchids, freesia, calla lilies, and sometimes even funkier flowers, like thistle or succulents). The standard corsage comes on a stretchy elastic wristband (they're one size fits all, and we've found that it does fit most wrists), but we do offer glitzy jeweled or beaded band options for an additional charge. In addition to the roses, the corsages also come with greens and a ribbon in the color of your choice. If you request it, we can also add baby's breath and/or some jewels to any wrist corsage (jewels offered at an additional charge). All of the corsages we make for prom are wristlets, meaning they're to be worn on the wrist, but pin-on corsages are available as an option (although we don't recommend it -- it's very hard to pin a corsage onto a prom dress!).


2. Type of flower: roses are overwhelmingly the most typical variety of flower used in corsages and boutonnieres. However, if roses aren't your thing, the other standard options are freesia, calla lilies, and orchids. usually the type of flower picked depends on personal preference, but sometimes it has to do with color as well. Roses come in the widest variety of shades, while flowers like orchids and freesia are only available in a few different hues. Which brings us to our next point...

(Just in case you need some clarification on flower varieties, pictured below left to right are cymbidium orchids, dendrobium orchids, calla lilies, freesia, and roses.)


3. Color: Choosing a corsage and boutonniere color is a big decision for a lot of our customers. Some people spend a lot of time stressing out about whether or not the dress matches the flower, or if the ribbon color is the exact same hue as what their date will be wearing. Most of the time, it's almost impossible to exactly match the dress to the ribbon or the flower, but we can usually get pretty close. If you're not sure what color to order, stop by and take a look at the flowers in person rather than placing an order over the phone. When in doubt, go with white -- it matches everything! 

4. Custom Corsages: For those looking to stand out from the crowd, we offer a custom-made corsage option, each of which is individually designed by our floral designers. Custom corsages often feature flowers that you wouldn't typically see on a wrist corsage -- succulents, gardenias, thistle, etc. There are some flowers that can't be used in corsages because they don't hold up out of water, but if you give our designers an idea of what you're looking for and a color scheme, they're sure to create something fabulous. Pictured below is a custom corsage made with gardenias. Custom corsages start at $50.

5. Cost: The prices of prom flowers vary based on types of flowers used. The standard rose wrist corsage is $25, with an additional $10 added if you choose a specialty wrist band or if you'd like to add jewels. A corsage made from freesia, calla lilies, or orchids starts at $35 dollars, with an additional $10 for the specialty wrist band or jewels. Custom corsages start at $50. Rose boutonnieres are $10, while a boutonniere made from freesia, calla lilies, or orchids costs $15.

6. Prom Flower Policies: Because we have to place our final flower orders for the weekend by mid-week, our policy is that you can't change your existing order after the Wednesday of prom week. We also do require payment for prom flowers in advance, so be sure to have cash or a valid credit card number with you when you place your order! Also, please order your boutonniere and corsage ahead of time (ideally we like to have all orders in by the day before prom, at the absolute latest), as we aren't able make them up while you wait. This year, we've also created a new option on the "shop" page of our website where you can design and order your corsage and boutonniere online to pick up at the flower shop in time for prom. Click HERE to check it out! 

7. Alternative Options: Not every girl wants to wear a corsage. If your date wants something a little less traditional, we suggest presenting her with a single flower stem or a small seasonal bouquet. Getting your date loose flowers rather than a wrist corsage is a nice gesture and has some benefits that corsages don't -- you're still getting her flowers, but ones that she can put in water and enjoy for days rather than something that will likely get thrown away at the end of the night. 

8. Have fun! Prom is supposed to be fun, so try not to stress too much about picking out your corsages and boutonnieres. Remember -- it's just a flower!

To order, visit our website, call us at (203) 245-3851, or pay us a visit at 376 Durham Road in Madison, CT!

04 Nov

Dress up Your Dinner Table: Fresh Greens and Dried Pods

Do something different this season and dress up your dinner table with live greens and dried pods! This look will add depth and texture to any holiday table, and because these bunches don't need to sit in water, they allow for some creativity on what kind of containers (if any at all!) you choose to place them in. The bundle pictured above features fresh magnolia and berries paired with dried mushrooms and pomegranates, but any combination of seasonal greens (eucalyptus, bayleaf, evergreens, boxwood, holly, etc) and dried (or fresh) fruits, nuts, or pods would produce the same effect. Stop by to check out our selection of fresh and dried stems for yourself!

21 Oct

Tis (almost) the season...

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It's hard to believe when we're all so busy enjoying this fabulous fall weather, but the holiday season is quickly approaching. Prepare yourself for the holidays and plant your Amaryllis bulbs now to ensure that they bloom by Christmas. Our Amaryllis stock just arrived this week, but quantities are limited! Stop in to check out our selection of seasonal bulbs and bulb gift boxes before they're all gone!
08 Oct

Featured Gift of the Week

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Looking for something a little different to send or bring to somebody? Our bulb baskets are truly the gift that keeps on giving! A bushel of bulbs planted now will emerge in the spring as colorful blooms that will brighten up anyone's yard. Call or stop by to pick out your bulbs, starting at $3.49!
07 Oct

This Weekend in Pictures

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Saturday's gloomy weather (okay, gloomy is an understatement...it was down-pouring for most of the day) may not have been ideal for a wedding, but these soft, peachy-pink flowers did their part to brighten things up for the happy couple's special day. The bouquets pictured feature a mix of calla lilies, ranunculus, garden roses, hydrangea, and lisianthus. 

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