The 12 Gifts of Christmas: Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Here at MFS we think that the holiday season is busy enough without scrambling to find last-minute gifts, so this year we've created a guide of 12 great gifts that can be picked up or put together right here in the flower shop. Gift wrap and delivery options (delivery minimum: $25) will be made available for all of the items in the gift guide, and 10% off a single item will be given to anyone who mentions seeing our "holiday gift guide" when purchasing something off the list. Give us a call, pay us a visit, or browse our gift offerings available to order online and check all the holiday gifts off your shopping list!
We'll be posting the gift ideas daily on our Instagram (@madisonflowershop) and Facebook (, so be sure to follow and like us to stay in the loop!
Here's a preview of the First Gift of Christmas: ornaments! Finding the perfect ornament is like finding a piece of treasure, and at MFS we've got ornaments of all kind hanging from every wall, tree, and hook. Don't miss our glass ball tree, decorated entirely with unique, colorful glass ball ornaments. Give an ornament by itself or attached to another item as a thoughtful holiday gesture.