Bucket of Blooms: A Guide to Floral Creations

We're so excited about this new product available on our website! Now you can order a fresh bucket of seasonal flowers straight from the workbench for someone who enjoys creating their own floral designs (or even for yourself!)
If you're not sure where you would start when creating your own floral arrangement, here are a few tips to get you going:
  • The bloom buckets contain a wide assortment of seasonal flowers that can be arranged in one container, or distributed throughout multiple ones. If you have a nice collection of vases and pots (or even bottles or mason jars), consider creating several floral arrangements, either to be displayed all together or to be placed throughout the house.
  • The flowers in the bloom buckets have already been cleaned (excess leaves and thorns have been removed), but be sure to trim the stems before arranging so that they are able to drink up the fresh water.
  • When arranging the flowers, fill up your container(s) with warm water. You should put the greens in first, then place the flowers with the bigger heads (hydrangea, kale, etc) into your container, which will help to hold up the smaller flowers. The design, however, is totally up to you! Get creating!!

If you're interested in having a Bucket of Blooms delivered to your door on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, give us a call or stop by to inquire about placing a standing order. The Bucket of Blooms also makes a great gift for any creative, flower-loving friend.