Beginning of Spring

The Christmas decorations have now come down, and it is time to look ahead to the next season, spring! A perfect activity for a cold rainy weekend, or a snow day with the kids home, is to plant some seeds indoors. We have a variety of flowers, vegetables and herbs to choose from, all of which can be planted indoors now and transferred to the outdoors once the real spring weather arrives. 


For the easiest planting, use the Jiffy pots. We sell a variety of sizes of packages so you can plant just a few seeds or a whole garden!


Organic Seed Starter potting mix is ideal for planting as well! Once the seeds outgrow the Jiffy pots, you'll want to transfer them into pots using the Seed Starter potting mix! Be sure to check out our extensive pottery collection as well!


Call or email us today for more information if you need advice on which are the best seeds to plant!