Fall Fertilizer

Fall is the time to fertilize if you want your lawn to survive the wicked weather of a northeast winter. If you have been following the Four Step Jonathan Green Program, now is the time to put down the fourth step for winter turf protection to get a thicker, greener lawn this spring. It can be used on new seeds or to repair damaged lawn from the summer!

When should you fertilize? The best time to fertilize is before the soil freezes, to guarantee the absorption of nutrients. When your grass is still green, but no longer seems to be growing as quickly is the optimal time to apply the fall fertilizer. The air temperature should be slightly cooler to prevent excess growth (preferably right around 55 degrees for a few days) while the soil is still warm enough to absorb nutrients.

Unsure how much fertilizer you may need or of the best way to apply it? Stop in today or give us a call and we can answer all of your questions about the best type of fertilizer for your yard, the best time to apply it, and the best method of application! Before you know it, you'll have grass looking as green as ours!