Rieger Begonia

Rieger begonias ( Begonia × hiemalis) are one of our favorite indoor flowering plants. They are easy to care for, and they come in a variety of colors, making them a great addition to any home. They can either be on their own or included in one of our made-to-order dish gardens. Not only do Rieger Begonia plants come in the shades of pink and yellow shown below, but they also come in shades of red, orange, and white.
As mentioned, these plants are very easy to care for. They like bright, indirect light, and they like to be watered when the soil feels dry - it's hard to say exactly how often you should water your begonia because each plant is different based on the conditions in which it is kept. Just make sure not to leave yours sitting in a pot full of water; this can increase chances of mold and mildew. 
Although this variety of begonia is known for being a winter blooming plant, with proper care, it can bloom multiple times per year. (Some have even been in bloom for up to six months at a time!) Any bloom-boosting fertilizer can be used on these plants if you would like to increase the chances of yours re-blooming. Stop in today and we would be happy to recommend the perfect fertilizer for you.