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29 Apr

Mother's Day

Posted by Madison Flower Shop

Mother's Day falls in the perfect time of year: the time to plant outdoor annuals, perennials, roses, shrubs, trees, and seeds. We have a wide selection to choose from so you can find the perfect gift for your mom this year. 

Be sure to prep your mom's garden (or your own!) with compost and peat-moss for the best soil to grow your plants in. Don't forget to fertilize and add soil amendments to your garden throughout the season.

Worried that your mom doesn't have the greenest thumb? No fear! We also have a selection of garden baskets, perennial baskets, and hanging baskets for your mother to enjoy without needed to plant.

12 Apr

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

Posted by Madison Flower Shop

If you're going to be hopping down the bunny trail to visit friends or relatives this holiday, you will certainly not want to show up empty handed. We have plenty of gifts to choose from this time of year, including spring bulb planters for the host, and Munson's chocolate for the kids!

If instead family and friends will be hopping down the bunny trail to your home, be sure to stop in to pick up a selection of fresh flowers for your table. Order ahead to get one of our individually designed pieces. We have something for every table from traditional designs to more modern pieces, in various spring colors ranging from pastel to vibrant.

With the warm weather finally arriving, it is also time to get the outside of your home ready for the Easter Bunny's visit. We still have plenty of pansies in stock, as well as some of the early summer blooms.

Whether you are traveling or staying local, be sure to stop in soon to see what we have for the Easter holiday, and make sure to order your flowers in advance!

13 Mar

Start Digging

Posted by Madison Flower Shop

Looking forward to the summer blooms in your garden? Now is the time to plant bulbs! We have a wide variety of bulbs this year including dahlias, ranunculus, lilies, onions, and garlic. 

If you want to see any of these plants growing in your garden this summer, now is the time to stop in and get them before they sell out! Don't forget to fertilize your bulbs as well! We have plenty of fertilizers in stock now!

Stop in today to see our selection, or give us a call to find out more!

21 Feb

Spring is Here

Posted by Madison Flower Shop

Now that all of your Christmas decorations have officially come down, it is time to update your interior decorations with the colors and scents of spring. We have plenty of indoor plants to choose from to brighten up your home.

For a small space like a bathroom or a windowsill, we have plenty of 4 inch plants including kalanchoe, begonia, violets, and orchids. (Some even come in a smaller size, but these tend to sell out quickly so be sure to get yours early!)

For a larger space on your counter or an end table, you may prefer something more substantial, like an azalea, to brighten your home.

And of course, we still have plenty of spring bulb plants to choose from in all different sizes.

Missing the evergreen smell from your Christmas tree? Try adding a rosemary plant, or any other herb, as a spring substitute!

This is also the time of year to start planning for your outdoor living spaces. You can start planting seeds now to have a garden ready to go when the warmer temperatures arrive, and we have a wide variety of seeds, from vegetables to flowers, to choose from.

And of course, it is also time to start thinking about your lawn. Make sure you get your fertilizer and lime on time to ensure the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood when the summer hits.

Call us anytime to help decorate your home or outdoor space to get it ready for the warmer temperatures coming soon!

29 Jan

Valentine's Day

Posted by Madison Flower Shop
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
We're tired of the regular Valentine's Day flowers,
How about you?
Whether you are shopping for your wife, girlfriend, mother, or any other special someone this holiday, we have plenty of options for you to get just the right thing! Of course we do have the typical red roses for a traditional gift, but why not try something new this year? How about some purple hydrangea?
Or some fragrant pink lilies?
Or any color rose you can imagine?
Additionally, you could send your valentine a longer-lasting plant this holiday instead of an arrangement or cut flower bouquet. We have plenty of plants to choose from including all of the usual spring varieties!
Looking for something that you can use to decorate your home year after year? We have that too! Whether you are looking for a wreath for your door, or just some small trinkets to give to your kids, we have it all!
And, of course you cannot forget the chocolate! Come visit our store soon before we sell out of Munson's chocolates! Supplies are limited!
Call us or stop in soon to make sure you have time to get exactly what your valentine wants this year!
06 Dec

Deck the Halls

Posted by Madison Flower Shop

The Madison Flower Shop and Garden Center is the only place you need to shop for all your holiday decorating needs. From trees to ornaments, centerpieces to lights, we have everything you could possibly need to make your holiday special.

There is no better place to start decorating than your front door: the entrance to your home that all of your holiday visitors will see. We of course have classic evergreen wreaths, but we also have many other artificial options if you want something that may last longer than one season, such as the red berry wreath pictured here.

Don't forget your wreath is going to need a bow that will make it stand out from the crowd. We have all different types of ribbon in any color, pattern, and size you can imagine, and we would be happy to help you create the perfect bow for your home. 




Moving now to the inside of your home, the first place to start is of course the tree. We have Christmas trees in all different sizes for you to decorate as you wish. We also offer delivery and set up services if you need the extra help!

Worried your home is not big enough for a full-size Christmas tree? We also have custom-designed boxwood trees! They are easy to maintain and provide all the holiday spirit in a smaller size. Perfect for a small apartment, a Christmas tree in your kid's bedroom, or in an office. These can be lit and decorated however you wish.

Additionally, we offer a large variety of plants to help decorate your home, or to be used as a gift to bring to your family and friends. Some of our bulb plants, including paper whites and amaryllis, will be in full bloom for the holiday, and they can be potted up in any container that you have to make them even more festive! Don't have a container? We have plenty of options to choose from in our store!


We also have many different types of greens for you to use to decorate your home, whether its for outdoor planters, indoor centerpieces, a hand-made wreath, or even just to decorate a package. All of our greens are sold so that you can select just the right quantity and variety for whatever you may need.

Finally, don't forget your holiday table decorations. We create a wide variety of centerpieces, and we would be happy to help you design one that suits your needs. We have many unique products that we can add to your piece to make it special.


Don't forget that not only will you need to decorate your own home, but it is also the time of year to bring gifts to your family and friends. Any of our decorating items can be used as hostess gifts as well, and in addition, we have many other gift options available in store and for purchase through our website. Stop in this holiday season and let us know how we can help decorate your home this year!


18 Oct

Fall is in Full Swing

Posted by Madison Flower Shop

Here at the Madison Flower Shop, we are fully stocked with all of your fall decorating needs! Whether you are looking for a table decoration, a front porch display, or a backyard patio pot, we have it all! Looking for a more traditional decorating theme? We have plenty of pumpkins and mums in many different colors and sizes for your home!   


 Looking for something more modern and different? Be sure to check out our inventory of peppers and cabbage plants to supplement your fall decorations!


We also have some custom-made planters ready to go if you are in a hurry, or if you need a nice gift for someone!

With all the focus on your holiday decorations, don't forget to make sure you maintain a healthy lawn. We have the fertilizer and fall-seed that you should be using this time of year to keep your grass green through the winter!


Stop in today so we can help you with all of your fall decorating needs! Don't forget we are fully stocked on indoor decorating items and gifts as well!

06 Sep

Beginning of Fall

Posted by Madison Flower Shop

Although we are sad to see the summer sunshine and the days at the beach come to an end, it is time to look forward to the cooler mornings and lower humidity that come along with the change of season.

When the air temperature starts to get a little cooler, and the soil remains at a warmer temperature, you know it is the perfect time of year to plant any trees or shrubs in your yard. These conditions help the plants to establish their root systems by encouraging root growth without new foliage growth. This results in a stronger and more developed root system for the plant to start out with next year.

Not only is it time to plant evergreens and grasses, but it is also the perfect season to plant any shrubs in your yard as well such as hydrangea or roses.


Don't forget that we also have all the seasonal plants you may need to help bring your window boxes or planters into the next season. And, if you don't have your own containers, we have plenty to choose from in all different colors, shapes, and sizes. We are always more than happy to help you pick the best selection to fit with the individual decor and sunshine that your home has to offer.


And of course, now is also the perfect time to think ahead for those spring days when you're going to want to see the daffodils popping up from the ground. Many people forget that if you want the spring bulbs, you must plant them in the fall! Stop in soon to view our selection and get your bulbs in the ground before the first frost comes around!

And, of course, it is also a good time of year to fertilize not only your plants, but also your lawn. You wouldn't want to risk all of your hard work this summer going to waste because you forgot to fertilize!


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the best plants for your home, or the best care for the plants you already have!

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