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24 Sep

Spring Bulb Planting

Posted by Madison Flower Shop

As we change from Summer to Fall, it is time to think about how you want your garden to look in the Spring. This is the time when you want to plant bulbs to fill your garden with beautiful colors after the dreary Winter. Daffodils, hyacinth, and tulips are just some of the many bulbs we have in stock for you to plant. 

Tips for Planting

  • Be sure to get the bulbs in the ground at least six weeks before the ground freezes. They need the cool temperatures to start the biochemical process that allows them to flower.
  • In general, you should plant your bulbs approximately 6 inches below the surface. Be sure to check the specific instructions for the bulbs you are planting for more information regarding the planting depth!
  • Make sure the side growing the roots is facing downwards. Most bulbs have a pointed end where the flower will come out of, and this should be the side facing upwards when you plant.
  • Use bone meal in the soil when you are planting as an organic fertilizer for the bulbs.
  • Worried about squirrels or chipmunks digging up your bulbs? Cover the soil with mesh or chicken wire so the critters cannot get through to the bulbs.
  • Water, water, water!

For more information and to see what types of bulbs we have in stock, stop in today or give us a call!

04 Sep

Time for Fall!

Posted by Madison Flower Shop

It is that time of year again where our garden center is full of pumpkins, cornstalks, cabbage, and saving the best for last, mums! These are the perfect addition to any landscaping or container garden for a transition from the end of summer through the fall.

The annual variety of mum, shown in the picture below, comes in many different colors - yellow, orange, purple, red, white - and these are beginning to bloom now!

We also have a hardier variety of mum that is a perennial and will come back year after year, if you are looking for some reliable fall color in your garden. This variety is not yet in bloom, but don't hesitate to call us to find out when they will be and what colors we have in stock!

As for the best care for your mums, be sure they get plenty of sunlight, at least six hours a day. Make sure that your mums have some type of drainage, whether it's a hole in the pot or rocks in the bottom of it; they don't like to be sitting in a puddle!

Stop in today for your mums to bring your house into the fall season, and don't forget we are always available to help design your patio pots featuring mums and other fall annuals!

24 Jul

Summer Sale Continues!

Posted by Madison Flower Shop

Even though the Sidewalk Sale in downtown Madison may have only lasted for the weekend, the Sidewalk Sale at the Madison Flower Shop continues for a few more days! Stop in to find many items at discounted prices!

Freshen up your home with a permanent look featuring our silk flowers that can be purchased for 30% off this week only! Need help designing? We can help you put together a piece that you will love! Just bring a picture of the space you're looking to fill and the container you want to use (or we have plenty to choose from!), and we will create a beautiful one of a kind arrangement just for you!

Our sale also features many other items including all prints, pictures and pillows for 30% off, as well as rose bushes in a variety of colors for 20% off. We also have many other individual items available at discounted prices this week! Stop in to check out our current inventory and our Sidewalk Sale items that are still available!

13 Jul

Rieger Begonia

Posted by Madison Flower Shop
Rieger begonias ( Begonia × hiemalis) are one of our favorite indoor flowering plants. They are easy to care for, and they come in a variety of colors, making them a great addition to any home. They can either be on their own or included in one of our made-to-order dish gardens. Not only do Rieger Begonia plants come in the shades of pink and yellow shown below, but they also come in shades of red, orange, and white.
As mentioned, these plants are very easy to care for. They like bright, indirect light, and they like to be watered when the soil feels dry - it's hard to say exactly how often you should water your begonia because each plant is different based on the conditions in which it is kept. Just make sure not to leave yours sitting in a pot full of water; this can increase chances of mold and mildew. 
Although this variety of begonia is known for being a winter blooming plant, with proper care, it can bloom multiple times per year. (Some have even been in bloom for up to six months at a time!) Any bloom-boosting fertilizer can be used on these plants if you would like to increase the chances of yours re-blooming. Stop in today and we would be happy to recommend the perfect fertilizer for you. 
05 Jul

Holiday Shopping in Amsterdam

Posted by Madison Flower Shop

This past weekend we sent some of our own across the Atlantic to begin the holiday shopping season at our supplier's showroom in Amsterdam.

New European vases, pots, silks and decorations will be seen in our store this upcoming holiday. We're sharing a very small sample of what is coming with you now; be sure to check out the full selection this Fall!


Decorating for the holidays will begin in our store in less than a month, and you can expect to find these new items in stock as soon as they come in!

28 Mar

Beautiful Spring Baskets for Easter!

Posted by Madison Flower Shop

Call the Flower Shop to order one of these beautiful baskets

as a gift or stop in the Garden Center and bring one home for yourself.

27 Jan

Time to think about Spring landscaping!

Posted by Madison Flower Shop

Winter is the best time to plan your Spring landscape needs.  Call today to schedule your spring cleanup.  Need a bit more than a cleanup...we can provide a full landscape design plan to meet your planting and masonry needs. 

05 Jan

Time To Think Spring Blossoms

Posted by Madison Flower Shop

No need to wait for Spring to enjoy those beautiful blossoms.  Once you see the buds on your Cherry, Apple, Quince or Forsythia, cut the branches, shave the bottom, put in water and wait for the blossoms to emerge.

If you are not lucky enough to have these plants in your garden, come into the Flower Shop and bring some home to brighten you home on these gloomy winter days.

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